We have collaborated with Chef Willin Low with a Pop-Up Cocktail experience at Roketto Izakaya, famed for their Mod-Sin Culinary Experience at Roketto Izakaya @ Relish Fraser Tower.


We will be introducing a smaller selection of our “Tasty Origins of Our Five Pillars” Menu together with a newly created Signature Highball Selection at Roketto Izakaya. 


Created by our team, cocktails from the “Tasty Origins of Our Five Pillars” embraces the Little Red Dot's cultural heritage and its people's passion and appetite for delicacy. As a result of its history with a large immigrant population, the culture of Singapore is made up of diverse influences from various continents and countries, resulting in a mixed-cultural Singaporean cuisine. 

Featuring cocktails inspired by the signature food & drinks from our five ethnic groups –Indian, Peranakan, Chinese, Malay, and Eurasian; Nutmeg & Clove will take its guests down the memory lane of Singapore's favourites. The cocktail includes Roses & LycheesPutu Highball and Silent Tears. A selection of Classic Cocktails will also be available. 


These Cocktails together with the Signature Highball Selection will be a perfect complement to Roketto Izakaya’s Famed Mod-Sin inspired dishes like their “ORH LUAK” OYSTER OMELETTE SPAGHETTINIKRAPOW PRATA PIZZA.


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