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Founded by industry veteran Colin Chia, Nutmeg & Clove is a restaurant & cocktail bar that pays homage to Singapore’s rich history with their Modern Singapore Cuisine and progressive cocktail program.


Taking great pride in Singapore’s history and progression from colonial outpost to modern metropolis, Nutmeg & Clove reinterprets classic dishes and cocktails with a Singaporean inflection. With every taste, visitors will learn or re-visit different elements of Singapore.

We look forward to hosting you with our delicious Modern Singaporean Cocktails and Food together with our unique local hospitality!

ASIA'S 50 Best Bar

2017 Ranked #30

2018 Ranked #33

2020 Ranked #32

2022 Ranked #36

2023 Ranked #7

WORLD'S 50 Best Bar

2016 Ranked #72

2019 Ranked #90

2022 Ranked #74

2023 Ranked #64

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